About Us

Al Ferdous Quran kareem and Sunnah Keeping Center for children is the first of its kind in Sharjah with teaching based on the Noble Quran and Sunnah.

In this Markaz your child will enjoy both learning the Quran and the Sunnah and playing with his/her friends

Each day the children will learn everything in English and Arabic. Your child will play educational games and will have several fun activities based on weekly and monthly themes.

These themes has thoughtfully been designed to teach the children Quran reading and writing, its pronunciation, memorization. The markaz will also teach the children the Sunnah of the prophet Mohammed (saw) such us Du’as, Salah, Whudu and Islamic Manners.

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Fees: 1000 dirham for morning classes 500 dirham for evening classes & Transportation available

Al Ferdous is making Quran learning interesting for children.

Children have to be taught that Quran is the word of Allah and the importance it carries for every young muslim. So, the duty heavily rests upon the parents and educators to make sure that the child develops an interest in quran and learn it with passion..

Our Vision

To enrich the local society with bright, well developed young Quran reciters who love to learn Quran, to encourage generations to explore daily life through an Islamic lens and to provide teaching through play, easy and fun means.

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Our Mission

To teach Quran in a child friendly atmosphere where students develop love, respect to all nations, social and physical skills and to teach daily Sunnah practices through interactive classes.

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Outdoor Play

We have a small attractive play area which has been designed so that children can have a varied outdoor experience in a rich natural environment within the Center grounds. We intend to add further features to the area each year.

We aim for each group of children to be outside for one sessions of between half or three-quarters each day, with a combination of adult-led and free play activities. In addition, during evenings, there is a 15 minutes outside play.

Opening hours

Boys Age 2.5-7
Girls Age 2.5-12
Course days: Sunday ---Thursday
Course Duration: All year around
Course Timings: 07:30am ---12:00pm and 4.30pm --- 6:30pm.